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How do I become a Freemason?

General information

In the venerable files of Freemasonry it is stated that every free man of good reputation shall be able to become a Freemason. Today we put such expressions in a modern context: Freemasonry aims to reach men, regardless their age or profession, who want to be part of an unreserved community that concerns itself with moralistic-philosophical issues and with the improvement of character.


Friendship, openness towards the world, tolerance, and brotherhood – if these universal principles speak to you, Freemasonry could be ‘for you’.


If you are interested in a membership: Almost all of our 500 lodges in Germany have an online presence with their contact information and are looking forward to getting in touch with you.

As an umbrella organisation, the VGLvD are not the right contact partner for someone looking for a membership with German Freemasonry. To make sure that the lodge you want to participate in is a recognized, regular lodge, you may directly contact on of the five Grand Lodges of the VGLvD and ask for a contact person at a lodge close to your home.​

You will then be invited to open events and guest nights. Depending on the habits of the lodge you may aim to partake in, steps in the direction of a permanent membership will be taken from there.

Request the Grand Lodges for membership details.

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