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VGLvD Lodges

The lodges of the United Grand Lodges of Germany

These lodges are under the direct supervision of the United Grand Lodges of Germany (VGLvD). This means that their activities, rituals, and internal processes must be conform to the guidelines and regulations of the VGLvD.

These lodges can assume a representative role on a national level, meaning they can act as representatives of the VGLvD in certain matters. Their unique characteristics and specialties, such as Grand Lodge affiliations or cross-ritual work, grant them a special status that cannot be covered by a single Grand Lodge alone.

Despite being directly subordinate to the VGLvD, each lodge has its own unique culture and community. Freemasonry is known for its diversity and the principle of individual freedom, which is also evident in lodges directly subordinate to the VGLvD.

quatuor coronati logo png

Quatuor Coronati

Number 808

  • Address

    Forschungsloge Quatuor Coronati e.V.
    Im Hofgarten 1
    95444 Bayreuth

jacob de molay logo png

Jacob DeMolay

Number 249

  • Address

    Jacob De Molay zum flammenden Stern
    i.Or. Marburg e.V.
    c/o Charsten Wienbreyer
    An der Gründengewann 8
    68647 Biblis – Wattenheim

weisse lilie logo png

Weiße Lilie

Number 871

  • Address

    Zur Weissen Lilie
    Urbannstr. 8
    35216 Biedenkopf