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Principles of Modern Freemasonry

Freemasonry today

At the first post-war conference of German Freemasonry in the Paulskirche in Frankfurt, so-called “Principles of Freemasonry” were formulated, which about 60 years after their formulation still say very clearly and memorably what Freemasonry is and wants. It was agreed there:

“Freemasonry unites men who strive for spiritual deepening and moral refinement in fraternal forms through venerable, ritual acts.

General philanthropy, brotherhood, charity and education for everything that she understands as humanity, are her main tasks.

Freemasons’ greatest good is freedom of belief, conscience and thought. They therefore accept unprejudiced men of good reputation as brothers regardless of their religious creed, nationality, political convictions or class.
The Freemason recognizes in the construction of the world, in everything living and in the moral consciousness of the human being, a divine creative spirit full of wisdom, strength and beauty and worships him under the symbol of the 3-fold great master builder all over the world.

Freemasonry is an ethical, not a political, alliance and does not take part in political or denominational party struggles. It is not a religious community, not a secret association, does not require illegal secrecy and does not convey any secret knowledge.

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