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Jacob DeMolay

Number 249

The Lodge Jacob DeMolay zum flammenden Stern 249 i.O. Marburg is a special lodge founded in 1962 by brothers from three grand lodges.

In addition to the first grand master of the VGLvD, Theodor Vogel (Matriculation No. 1), the founding brothers from the first hours were also Ernst-Günther Gepppert (GL AFuAM), Hamburg, Otto Schwarz (GLLFO), Kiel and Hans Karl Werner (GNML 3 WK) , Frankfurt a. M.

Her special task is youth work, which she initially implemented by supporting the DeMolay Order, a youth organization based on the American model of the International Order of DeMolay. For this purpose it was placed directly under the control of the VGLvD and, with the consent of the Grand Lodges of the time, received the rights

● to work in the rituals for the St. John’s Degrees of the German Grand Lodges,
● Accept brothers from all teaching disciplines as second members.

In order to do justice to its tasks, the main lodge, which operates throughout Germany, founded three regional deputation lodges in Hamburg, Erlangen and Marburg from 1967 onwards. Nowadays it particularly appeals to young men in training and studying and offers them a Masonic perspective. The Jacob DeMolay Lodge of the Flaming Star is a lodge that is committed to Freemasonry that unites peoples.