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Quatuor Coronati

Research Lodge
Quatuor Coronati consists of a lodge and an association. The lodge is reserved exclusively for regular Freemasons in “good standing.
The association is open to both regular and non-regular Freemasons, as well as interested non-Freemasons. The research association “Quatuor Coronati,” based in Bayreuth, is dedicated to Masonic research. It provides insights into its history since its founding in 1951, its goals for promoting Masonic science and culture, as well as its membership conditions. Special focus is placed on the publication of scholarly works and the organization of events to promote Masonic thought. By becoming members of the Quatuor Coronati research association, Freemasons gain a more adequate understanding of the relationships between Freemasonry and the cultural, societal, and political worlds, past and present. This perspective allows them to actively contribute to the development and sustainability of Freemasonry in the world.