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Quatuor Coronati

Research Lodge

Masonry is an art of living. It unfolds in practice, shaping personal, professional, and societal lives. Lodge activities support and nurture this understanding through social interactions and discussions among the brethren on one hand, and introspection and contemplation of the symbolic language of this art and its values during the ritual on the other. 

All of this occurs within a certain self-referential framework and derives an unquestionable self-sufficiency from it. The work of the brothers and sisters in the research lodge Quatuor Coronati seeks to shed light on these connections. Therefore, it subjects Freemasonry itself, in all its dimensions, to unbiased research. It supplements the internal perspective with an external one. This can happen through self-critical, explorative learning, but also requires the objective view of scholars who, with often greater expertise than we possess, neutrally observe what we are deeply engaged in.

As members of the Quatuor Coronati research lodge, Freemasons gain a more adequate understanding of the relationships between Freemasonry and the cultural, societal, and political worlds of the past and present. They acquire a perspective that enables them to actively contribute to the development and sustainability of Freemasonry worldwide.