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Zur weißen Lilie

Matrikelnummer 871
The White Lily is a wandering lodge operating across Germany and Europe, with its roots in the German youth movement, serving as a bridge between lodges and generations, transcending Masonic systems.

The masonic lodge “Zur Weissen Lilie” was founded in 1960 by exponents of the VGLvD (Theodor Vogel, Kurt Mauch, Eduard David, Karl Hoede) as well as other brothers with roots in the youth alliance with the primary intention of steering a co-operation between the BDP and DPB scout associations and local masonic lodges, with the aim of paving the way into freemasonry for young men who had outgrown the scouts.

Through their work, the Brothers of the Lily combine the masonic culture with the scouting culture.
At their five to six annual ritual weekend meetings in ever-changing orientations, they work according to the ritual of Johann Caspar Bluntschli, which they have carefully adapted to their needs.

A candle talk designed by the White Lily Brothers prepares the participants for the temple work to follow.
In the afternoon before the temple work, the brothers are assigned a symbol, which they first draw with chalk on a black board after the opening of the lodge. They then share their thoughts on this symbol with the others.

Whenever the weather permits, the White Lily celebrates its St John’s Day festival under the open midnight sky in a quarry.
As there is no “cover” there, the ceremony has been given a form that does not allow profane people to realise that it is connected to Freemasonry.